Litigation Management Software - Reduce Risk & Protect Your Company

  • Helps in prevention and reduction of litigation
  • Get alrted for the critical notices/cases
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Real time comprensive dashboard 360 degree view
  • Peace of mind of Senior Management

Preventive Management

Case Management


Address Book

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About LexMantra

LexMantra is a corporate litigation management software solution helps in prevention and reduction of litigation. LexMantra provide upto date online information for all notices and cases filed by or against the corporate. So as to enable the management require focus on each notice or case spread all over their locations. It also helps in strategic decision making based on comprensive MIS.

Key Reports

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Shows complete details of cases & Notices Report

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Shows case stages like summon , evidence , order etc & status of notice like open , close , pending to reply

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Shows notices received or sent that can be closed at intial stage

key reort

Shows case movement right from filing till orders or settlement

key reort

Shows performance of advocates & employees based on movement , favourable orders , closure at notice stage etc

key reort

Shows cases requiring immediate action & attention

key reort

Shows total litigation exposure of organisation in case of unfavourable orders

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Shows cases across various categories & sub-category wise reports like civil or criminal & injuction or recovery etc

Features of LexMantra

Some of the key feature of LexMantra are listed below

Preventive Management

  • Records notices or complaints all aspects
  • Direct conversion to case possible
  • Gives information of probable litigations
  • Provide status of notices
  • Notice auto generate by feature

Case Management

  • 360° view of case in a single input form
  • Advance warning system or a reminder system for upcoming actions
  • Captures Case Stages
  • System generated reports
  • 2 layer case allocation
  • Expense Management

Library Management

  • Centralized library for all users
  • Facilitates repository of legal documents

Contact Management

  • Contacts management & comprehensive contact library
  • Organisation contact management
  • Role management through contact
  • Authority contacts to deal with are available

Benefits of LexMantra

  • Reduce risk & protect your company against repercussions of litigations.
  • No data loss in case of change in role & responsibilities of counsels or employees.
  • Helps in strategic decision making based on 360° View of internal & external environment.
  • Real time tracking of all litigation's across all location
  • Repository for all legal document (notices, complaints, plaints, replies, evidences, affidavits, orders)
  • Comprehensive reporting at a single click of a button
  • Peace of mind for senior management.
  • Timely Alerts via Email & SMS.
  • Contact Management : Brings in-house team, management counsels & consultants on single platform.

Lex Mantra (A Litigations Management Software) helps to automate and streamline legal workflows. Enquiry now for FREE Demo and see learn how the LexMantra can help you.

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