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Corporate legal solution legal workflow trailing software

  • How to manage plethora of litigation under various offences, next date of hearings and incidents
  • What should be the focus - Litigation Management or Business Operations
  • How to deal with personnel's inadequate knowledge, skills or attrition issues
  • Most importantly, how to consolidate fragmented records, documentation and communication that flow within the departments & organisations
  • If management time is absorbed in insecure enviroment due to fear of litigations, then how will one be able to concentrate on expansion plans & diversifications
  • Ultimately, how to track and monitor the progress of matters / litigations
  • Possibility of missing on a legal deadline.
  • Loosing case due to insufficient & lack of timely information. As insufficient & delayed information happens in absence of an efficient IT solution in place, it can contribute to be the greatest cause of losing case.
  • Financial impacts can be causing serious injury to the fund position of the company.
  • Reputational damage associated with loss is very high and irreparable. It could even lead to shut down of businesses.
  • The reasons of missing a legal deadline could be many, though primarily :
    • Focus is on Business operations
    • High number of legal issues & compliances spread across multi-locations and multi-people having their own inconsistent practices
  • Implications of litigations can result in prosecutions against the top executives whether he or she is not responsible.
  • Scattered data leads to zero control over the status of litigations.
  • The productive time of management should go in product enhancement, client satisfaction, diversification, expansion & such business strategies. Hence management need to remain updated about the litigation status only at a single click & not by way of personal indulgence to a great extent which may result in non-productive & inefficient management.
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